Sativex is a peppermint-flavoured mouth spray that comes in a small pump that you can carry with you. This pump delivers a precise amount of medicine every time you spray it.1

The medicine in Sativex is extracted from cannabis plants that have been selected and grown to produce a constant amount of active ingredients.

Sativex is made under strictly controlled laboratory conditions and contains a balance of these active ingredients that have been shown to help improve the symptoms of MS spasticity.

Treatment with Sativex must be initiated and supervised by a physician with specialist expertise in treating MS.

Who is Sativex intended for?1

Sativex is intended for people with MS who are finding that the medicine they are already taking for spasticity is not providing good enough relief from their symptoms. 

Sativex should not be taken by pregnant women, or women who are trying to have a baby. Reliable contraception must be used by both men and women while taking Sativex, and for three months after stopping treatment. If you become pregnant while taking Sativex, tell your doctor immediately. Women who are breast-feeding must not use Sativex because Sativex may enter breast milk.1

Before taking your medicine, remember that you must also read the Patient Information Leaflet. You will find this inside your pack of Sativex.