Here are the meanings of some important words and phrases that are used throughout this site:

VialThis is the small glass bottle that contains the Sativex medicine. It is fitted with a pump that delivers the same amount of Sativex with every spray.
Priming the vialNew vials of Sativex must be ‘primed’. This means making them ready to use.
SprayA single, measured amount of Sativex released from the vial by firmly pressing down on the nozzle.
DoseThe number of Sativex sprays taken throughout a day.
Titration periodDuring the first two weeks of treatment you will gradually increase the number of Sativex sprays you take each day, allowing you to get used to the medicine and to find the dose that works best for you.
Best daily doseThis is the best daily dose for you, and is the total number of sprays of Sativex each day (24 hours) that gives you the best symptom relief with the fewest unwanted side effects. In real life registry data, most people find their best daily dose is around four sprays, spread evenly throughout the day, but you may need more or less than this (up to the maximum of 12 sprays a day).