Always follow your specialist doctor’s guidance on how many sprays to take, up to a maximum of 12 sprays a day. Some people are very sensitive to Sativex and don’t need to use many sprays. Other people need to use more sprays. During the first two weeks of your treatment you will slowly build up the number of sprays you take each day to find out:

  • How Sativex affects you
  • What the best daily dose is for you

These two weeks are called the titration period and the best daily dose for you is called your optimum daily dose. This is the amount of Sativex that gives you the best relief from your spasticity, with the fewest unwanted effects. The table below shows you the titration period.

Dose titration schedule for Sativex1
DayNumber of sprays in the morning (between waking and midday)Number of sprays in the evening (between 4pm and bedtime)(Total number of sprays per day)

For example, on days 1 and 2 you will take one spray in the evening (between 4pm and bedtime).

On days 3 and 4 you will take two sprays in the evening, with at least a 15 minute gap between sprays.

On day 5 you will take one spray in the morning (between waking and midday) and two in the evening, and so on, up to eight sprays a day on day 10.

Continue to increase total number of sprays until you feel your symptoms have improved, up to a maximum of 12.

Once you have found your optimum daily dose, you can spread your total dose evenly throughout the day, waiting at least 15 minutes between doses.

MS spasticity symptoms can often change over time, so after consultation with your doctor, you may decide it’s appropriate to change your dose of Sativex so that you continue to get relief. This will mean either:

  • Take a different number of sprays per day (up to a maximum of 12)
  • Take your sprays at different times of the day

Like all medications, Sativex works differently for different people. Your specialist doctor will ask you to make an appointment to see them after the first four weeks of treatment, to check how you are getting on. If the symptoms of your spasticity have not improved, it may be that Sativex is not right for you.