Adjusting the dose

When your patients find the best number of sprays for them, they should aim to use this number each day - up to a maximum of 12. They can then spread the sprays out evenly over the whole day, in a way that suits them.

Remember they must leave at least 15 minutes between sprays.

MS spasticity symptoms can often change over time, so after consulting with your patient, you may decide it’s appropriate to change their dose of Sativex so that they continue to get relief. This will mean either:

  • Taking a different number of sprays per day (up to a maximum of 12)
  • Take their sprays at different times of the day

Missing a spray

If your patient forgets to take a spray, they should simply take their next spray as soon as they remember, or as soon as they feel they need it. They should then return to their normal dosing plan.

Your patient should not try to make up for the missed spray by taking two planned sprays together and they should always leave at least 15 minutes in-between sprays.

Taking too many sprays

If your patient accidentally takes more sprays than normal, they might:

  • See or hear things that aren’t there (hallucinations)
  • Feel dizzy, sleepy or confused
  • Feel their heart rate change

If any of these happen and they get serious, they should contact you, or their nearest hospital. They should also take any remaining medicine with them.