Pay-for-Responders scheme

Since June 2012, Bayer has provided financial support to help prescribers identify those patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) being treated on the NHS who will derive most benefit from treatment with Sativex.*

Under the terms of the programme, Bayer funds the first pack of Sativex (3 x 10ml vials) for all new patients within the licensed indication.

This website has been developed to provide you with easy access to electronic order forms for your convenience, should you wish to participate in the scheme. Please ensure that you have referred to the terms and conditions of the offer.

Identifying Sativex responders

A thorough evaluation of the severity of spasticity related symptoms, and of the response to standard anti-spasticity medication, should be performed before treatment with Sativex is started.

Sativex responders are defined as patients experiencing at least a 20% improvement in spasticity related symptoms on a 0-10 patient reported numeric scale after 4 weeks of treatment.2 If a clinically significant improvement in spasticity is not seen during this period, treatment should be stopped.1,2

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